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Post spoiler alert:

She got glutened


1 day till Thanksgiving:

We left in the evening so that the girls would sleep in the car. The 7 hour car ride was quiet and uneventful (just the way I like it).

We arrived at out hotel at 2am. Thankfully check-in went well and we all got a few more hours of sleep.

Thanksgiving Day!

We arrived at Thanksgiving #1 just in time for the host to leave and say they had plans. So, unbeknownst to us,

there was nothing to eat!

Have no fear. I had a cooler and I wasn’t afraid to use it! So, I made mac and cheese (Gluten free of course). Click to see which is out favorite brand!

Crisis #1 averted.

After much play and 2 movies later, it was time to drive another hour to Thanksgiving #2.

The food was amazing and everyone was very understanding of Claire’s special diet. I really appreciated how everyone included the girls in the activities. The girls had a blast! There was turkey throwing (yes, I’m not making this up), coloring, movies, and games.

Crisis #2

All was going well and I started to relax just a bit. Little did I know that the snack food tray had been moved to the living room where the girls were playing. I looked over and they were eating pretzels and candy corn.

My heart completely sunk.

All of that hard work. Planning. Preparation. That worry, stress, and anxiety. And for what!?

This is the hard part because no one could have possibly known that they shouldn’t have sat the tray there.

Claire does not realize that a pretzel can make her sick.

Let alone the concept of cross-contamination.

Once Claire is older and understands that here symptoms are a result of what she consumed, then this will be a little easier. But for now, she has no clue. All she sees is that food looks good and she wants to eat it. If mommy doesn’t let her then mommy is mean.

And what about her sister who doesn’t have Celiac?

Does she get to eat the yummy food and further upset Claire?

Is that fair?

Or, do you deny your healthy child the yummy food and punish her for her sister having Celiac?



1st hotel stay was a success!

However, it did not go without a funny story that just has to be told!

(I swear I can not make this stuff up!)

We returned from a long day of Thanksgiving ready to crash on our hotel beds. It was two hours past bedtime for the littles, and lets face it, for me too! I told the girls to get their jammies on and go potty. Claire said “uh, mommy. I can’t”. I asked “why, what’s wrong”?

Claire replied “there is a hole. Mess on the toilet”.


There was a 4″ wide gaping hole in the ceiling above the toilet! What the holy hell!?!

There was plaster all over the toilet, the bathroom floor, and the carpet outside the bathroom.

I looked in the hole and couldn’t see anything. I convinced my girls to use the toilet (after some CIA level negotiations).

Finally, I tucked them into bed (now we all know they weren’t going to sleep, but at least they are horizontal).

The next step was to contact the front desk to come clean the mess and possibly switch our room.

When the employee arrived he was just as baffled as we were. Stating that there were no guests on the 2nd floor due to remodeling so it must have been a rodent”.

Okay…WHAT!?!?!?! Where in the hell is it now? What is it?

I felt a mantra coming: don’t freak out. Don’t freak out. Don’t freak out.

I couldn’t freak out because I really needed my girls to sleep.

After looking around we deemed there was not an extra guest in our room. We all agreed to just address the issue in the morning and call it a night.

Luckily we all survived the night!

I still have no idea why the employee did not want to switch our rooms.

Crisis #3

I forgot the swim suits

(the friend who came to watch our dog came over right as I was packing. Threw me off my game lol).

So, quick like a bunny, I was creating a back-up plan.

The winning activity: Children’s Museum

Drive Home

The drive how was a bit more eventful with everyone being awake. However, it went fairly smooth until about 5 hours in. The girls started arguing and whining and just being DONE with the car. Time to put on my thinking cap.

What always makes things better?

Ice Cream!

(Thank goodness for google.) I found the nearest ice cream shop. We stretched our legs, used the facilities, and got our favorite ice cream.

Nuggets (aka take away)

Things do not go as planned. There is no amount of worry or preparation that will make things go perfectly. However, do your best! Stay positive! and think outside the box! Get creative. In the end, no one is going to remember the gaping hole in the ceiling. People only remember how you made them feel.

Do you have a celiac story? Send me a message, I would love to hear about it!


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