The day Claire was diagnosed with Down Syndrome I swore that I would forever be her advocate. Her voice! Her rock. Her foundation.

With that said, I have always struggled with this one main issue:

How do you tell your child that she is different?

That she will have a harder time learning, living, doing? How do you tell others? When is the best? How is the best? At what age? There are grown men and women who still do not understand Down Syndrome!

It was grandparents day at school and a grandparent was welcome to read to the class. There it was! The opportunity I had been waiting for!

I called my mom immediately and told her my plan. (She is use to my crazy plans by now LOL! 

Next, I researched the best book to introduce Down Syndrome to 1st graders. I ordered it via amazon prime and sat on the edge of my seat for 2 days anticipating it’s arrival. Constantly second guessing my decision and running through the gauntlet of scenarios…

The book arrived! I waited all day until it was our routine book reading time (right before bed).

What an amazing book!

My four year old asked questions and it captured my seven year olds interest. It was great! I asked Claire’s permission for her grandma to read it to her class the following day. She was so excited!

It was D day and I was nervous. But I made myself not intervene. I waited for the phone to ring. When it finally did, my mom told me about the event.

It was a HUGE success!

The kids were interested and talked about their differences (ex hair color, eye color, etc). Claire was not picked on. Instead she felt like the star of the show!

Claire’s para cried.
The teacher asked to borrow the book!
You absolutely HAVE to buy 47 Strings!

I would love to hear other ways that you have introduced Down Syndrome and at what age. Leave me a comment!

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