As an infant my daughter with DS was breastfed. Therefore, there should have been no reason for her to be constipated. So off to the pediatrician we went. We were informed that antibiotics can cause constipation (My daughter has been on antibiotics her entire life, but that is another post, so stay tuned). We were told to give her Milk of Magnesium and every diaper change move her legs in a bicycle motion. This was to no avail.

Over the years we have tried enemas, applesauce, special formula, homemade baby food, increased fluids, increased fiber, probiotics, prune juice, and cutting out dairy. The last straw was when the pediatrician told me to put her on Miralax. No! Have you been to the Miralax website!? It says right there “YOU SHOULD USE MIRALAX FOR NO MORE THAN 7 DAYS”!

Yes, Claire had the typical straining, cramping, and hard stools. But the atypical was the screaming as if a monster was inside of her trying to get out, the crying, excruciating abdominal pain, and humping the couch trying to move the gas in her stomach.

I trudged on. Because as a mom, that is what we do! I had x-rays done of her stomach to look for blockages. I had her thyroid checked. I had her blood drawn to see if there was any other disease or cause. Nothing!

It was time for me to find the answers myself! (I am pretty sure this is when I deemed myself Doctor Mommy!)

I found Hopewell Essential Oils . digestive support saved my daughter from pain and agony. It also saved her from being unnecessarily medicated which is extremely important to me! But don’t take my word for it! Go to the website linked above and reach out to Linda. She is a mother of 8, 1 of which has Down Syndrome!

If this post has helped, I want to hear about it! Please share your comments so other parents can learn what helps and doesn’t.

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